Royal H24 Hydraulic Concrete Distributor | Royal

• H 24 has R type folding system with 3 sections and also 24 m boom length, 4 m end hose.
• H 24 is mounted to the building with cross base at the foundation level or with the floor frames after a certain floor height.
• As the building rises, the machine is increased with the help of hydraulic climbing system.  
Working Area radius 24 m.
Working Area 1810 m2
Total Boom Length 24.000 mm
End Hose Length 4 m.
Slewing Angle 360° (Free)
Machine Weight 9.550 kg
Control Kablolu (Remote) Kablosuz (Radio)
Electric Motor 15 kW, 380 - 400 V, 3 Phaze
Hydraulic Oil Tank 150 litre
Maximum System Pressure 330 Bar
Transport Length 13,60 mt. Truck
Trasnport Width 13,60 mt. Truck
Transport Height 13,60 mt. Truck
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