• H 24 has R type folding system with 3 sections and also 24 m boom length, 4 m end hose.
• H 24 is mounted to the building with cross base at the foundation level or with the floor frames after a certain floor height.
• As the building rises, the machine is increased with the help of hydraulic climbing system.   [table]
Working Area radius 24 m.
Working Area 1810 m2
Total Boom Length 24.000 mm
End Hose Length 4 m.
Slewing Angle 360° (Free)
Machine Weight 9.550 kg
Control Kablolu (Remote) Kablosuz (Radio)
Electric Motor 15 kW, 380 - 400 V, 3 Phaze
Hydraulic Oil Tank 150 litre
Maximum System Pressure 330 Bar
Transport Length 13,60 mt. Truck
Trasnport Width 13,60 mt. Truck
Transport Height 13,60 mt. Truck