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Royal Spider H12

• Hydraulic concrete distributor H 12 is the most practical and the lightest model of the class.
• H 12 have the opportunity of easy replacement, by being single piece, not requiring any assembly or disassembly and lightweight construction.
• In addition to 12 meters total boom length, it has 3 meters end hose.
• Shear walls, columns and floor concretes can be poured.
• H 12 is manufactured with 2 arm sections as standart however can be produced as 3 arm sections. 
Working Area radius12 m.
Working Area452 m2
End Hose Length3 m.
Slewing Angle360° (Free)
Machine Weight2000 kg
Ballast Weight1500 kg
Total Weight3500 kg
Electric Motor5,5 kW, 380 - 400 V, 3 Phaze
Hydraulic Oil Tank50 litre
Maximum System Pressure250 Bar
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