Hydraulic concrete distributor H 15 can be used on both leg set and mast set.
On the leg frame usage, can be used at different buildings simultaneously because of not being mounted to the building.
H 15 can be splitted into 2 main parts, according to tower crane lifting capacity. H 15 is the lightest model of the class.
H 15 is the indispensable concrete distributor of the large-scale projects.
Especially preferred at the restricted ceiling height, such as tunnel,damn and hydroelectric plant projects.
With the Z boom design, can be rolled and folded at the 4.8 meter ceiling height With the optional walking group, can be moved by the help any kind conctsruction machine inside the tunnel
Working Area radius 15
Working Area 710 m2
Total Boom Length 15.000 mm
End Hose Length 3 m
Slewing Angle 360 ° (Free)
Machine Weight 2900 kg
Ballast Weight 2000 kg
Total Weight 4900 kg
Control Manuel- Optional Radio Control
Electric Motor 7,5 kW, 380 - 400 V, 3 Phaze
Hydraulic Oil Tank 80 liters
Maximum System Pressure 300 bar